Design of Multi-Storey Masonry Buildings in Accordance with CSA S304-14


Multi-storey loadbearing masonry structures were once a common occurrence in Canada. Changes to building codes and the adaption of other building materials had all but eliminated the market of multi-storey construction by the early 2000s. Through a coordinated push to modernize masonry design and construction through extensive research and testing, there has been a resurgence of multi-storey loadbearing masonry throughout Ontario with signs of growth in Eastern Canada and elsewhere. This course will focus on the technical challenges to designing multi-storey masonry structures within the context of the 2014 Edition of the CSA S304 design standard and the 2015 National Building Code of Canada.

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Sunday May 16th (Times in EDT)
1:00-1:15 Introduction Background to masonry design, CMDC, symposium, standards, Masonry resources available, textbook development, CMS paper references, EMDC, MASS, online material
1:15-1:30 Wall Layouts, Load Paths and Design Assumptions Start with typical masonry buildings and construction timing etc. wall/floor systems, Issues with wall height, span, parking, how to plan a masonry structure to avoid problems down the road
1:30-1:45 Modelling and load path assumptions, diaphragm connections, hallways, openings, load sharing, stiffness
1:45-2:00 Discussion/Questions/Break
2:00-2:10 Initial Design Axial loads, lateral loads, out-of-plane, sizing for walls
2:10-2:20 Typical wall designs and details for shear walls in mutli-storey, constructability
2:20-2:40 MASS Demonstration Out-of-plane and axial design, shear wall design introduction
2:40-2:50 Masonry Specifications Highlighting typical issues in specifications and structural notes
2:50-3:00 Unit types to chose from, prism testing, reinforcement selection
3:00-3:15 Discussion/Questions/Break
3:15-3:25 Masonry Shear Wall Design Theory behind flexure and shear force resistance squat and slender walls, flanged walls
3:25-3:40 Conventional Construction Shear Walls NBCC limitations of use, CSA minimum requirements, shear amplification Axial load work around
3:40-4:00 MASS Demonstration Seismic design inputs for shear wall, full multi-storey shear wall design
4:00+ Discussion/Questions with CMDC Instructors
5:00-8:00 Conference Welcoming Ceremony and Virtual Social Evening